6 reasons why blogging is great for small businesses

How do you find the time to manage a business, run a website, keep your social media up to date, and write blog posts? The great thing about blogging is that it can be done anywhere at any time. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get the post perfect by 5:00 p.m. Friday – do it when you can, where you can. However, it is important that you put time and effort into something like this! And here’s 6 reasons that explain why.

  • 1 Build Your Network

    It goes without saying, but blogging is a first-rate way of boosting your business. Well-written posts that engage readers will get them interested in you and your business. You can reach out to your audience with factual posts or funny quotes. Think about your target market and what they’d like to read about to really make the most out of it.

  • 2 Drive Traffic to Your Website

    Enhance your website’s SEO value with a blog! Yes – high-quality posts that talk about what you do and what you offer can direct readers to your business’ webpage. A blog will increase your chances of being found online. Not only this, but your audience can also share your posts with their friends and family via their social media platforms.

  • 3 Gain a Trustworthy Online Presence

    Though you may already have a website that’s ranking well on search engines, it’s something that is quite often time-consuming and difficult to maintain without having a professional do it for you. With a blog, however, you can go into it on a daily or weekly basis and keep your clients up to date with what you’re doing with a quick post. It gives your readers a better insight into your company’s brand and helps to build a strong customer-business relationship.

  • 4 Learn More about Your Target Market

    The people who interact with your blog are obviously interested in what you do. By simply posting and listening to what your readers say, you’ll discover more about the people you’re selling to. Customers are able to leave feedback instantly, so you won’t have a long-endured wait to find out whether what you’re doing is working.

  • 5 Let Your Company Speak for Itself

    Marketing content can sometimes come across as salesy. If people feel pressured into buying something, the chances are that you’ll actually lose the sale. Though you can still use blogging as a way to promote your services, remember that it’s a tool that allows you to interact with your audience. Keep it simple and don’t overload it – it’s human oriented, so try and make sure it’s both readable and relatable.

  • 6 Develop Your Own Skills

    Not only are you teaching people about your company, but you’re also teaching yourself. Blogging is a simple way of developing your writing skills – the more you post, the more you write, the more you learn.

    Taking control of your online identity may seem difficult or hard work, but it really doesn’t have to be. Blogging is a simple and effective tool that allows you to boost your business and enrich your online presence.