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Enhancing Online Course Sales through Strategic PPC Campaigns


Pivotal180, a New York-based financial modeling and training services provider, sought to expand its online course bookings across America. To achieve this, the company engaged with Web.com to leverage pay-per-click (PPC) marketing via Google ad campaigns. The collaboration aimed to precisely target audiences, maximize conversions, and boost sales.


Defining Target Goals

Our company promotes courses online and our goal was to get more people booking our courses throughout America. 'Your team discussed our goals and guided us on the best path forward'. We have learnt that targeting specific times of the month drives more conversions and more money for my business. The team has also learnt that some areas and audiences are much better to target and have been actively targeting them with the correct times.

Campaign Results and Performance Measurement

The Google ad campaigns propelled Pivotal180 to a noteworthy 50% sales surge from the previous year, driven by a successful collaboration with Web.com. This success, measured through monthly conversions and sales analysis, prompted Pivotal180 to actively pursue further expansion. Regular meetings with the Web.com team facilitated a comprehensive review of ad performance and informed strategic formulations for upcoming months.

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Overcoming Challenges and Ongoing Improvements

While the campaign yielded significant success, challenges arose particularly in targeting the competitive market of Australia. To address this, the team at Web.com is actively exploring diverse strategies, including the expansion of marketing efforts onto platforms like LinkedIn. Effective communication and swift issue resolution by the Web.com team, notably Phil, have ensured a proactive approach to resolving hurdles encountered during the campaign.

Final Reflections

The partnership between Pivotal180 and Web.com has proven instrumental in enhancing online visibility and driving sales. The increase in website traffic, coupled with the rise in sales—83% of which are attributed to new clients—reflects the efficacy of the services provided by Web.com. Pivotal180 expresses satisfaction with the smooth operational process, emphasizing the ease of collaboration and the promptness in addressing queries and issues by the Web.com team.

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