Getting to know Stephen Stainsby

1. How long have you worked at and what made you become a Fulfilment Team Manager.

I’ve been here for just short of 5 years – Anything to do with websites, computers and online, has always been something I was interested in. I was originally recruited for WBC (which was my foot in the door) and was the perfect introduction to websites, SEO, and the company!

2. What is your favourite aspect of working at

A favourite for me is my job (cheesy I know), but I get to be involved with so many different platforms and products, meet some great people, and work with some of the best groups of people I’ve ever met!

3. Tell us something random/interesting about yourself? What makes you tick?

Most people probably know this already, but I’m an avid gamer and have been since I was little (4/5). I can’t remember a time in which I have not had some kind of gaming device (PC, Console, Handheld), It’s my go-to in any occasions, happy, sad or bored – Can’t get enough.

4. Favourite film and song?

Favourite Film – It has to be Forest Gump, an absolute classic!

Favourite Song – I don’t have one, but for Genre, it’s anything heavy really (Love a bit of screamo and melodic!)

5. Name something on your bucket list?

I’d love to live “off-grid” out in the wild for a while, hunting, fishing, living by daylight (fires at night) just think it would be amazing to disconnect from it all and just live in the moment!

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