How to Make Your Content SEO Friendly

Do Your Research

Before you begin, it’s important to research and iron out what keywords you will be using throughout your content. Research is essential as it will help you understand what your audience is searching for to find your content. Tools such as Google AdWords are easily navigated, meaning you can maximise the potential organic traffic to your content.

Put Your Keywords in the URL

Search engines will look at your URL to learn what your content is about, as posts live on their own unique URL which allows you to optimise the address of every post you publish.

We recommend keeping your URL’s short, use HTTPS where possible, and utilise 1 or 2 keywords to see the best results.

Use Internal Links

Utilising internal links are an excellent way to show search engines that your content is valid and relevant, while keeping customers on your site.

Writing about similar topics will bring backlinks to previous work that you may have done, this will help the customer by giving them more information and surfacing your other pages to the search engines.


META’s give you the opportunity to sell your services and products and persuade potential customers to click through to your website.

These META’s should be compelling, relevant, and contain the primary keyword that you’re looking to be ranked. The natural inclusion of these keywords will make it easier for search engines to prove your relevance to the customer’s search results.

Sharing on Social Media

The success of your content can’t rely solely on SEO optimisation, you also need to self-promote as much as possible. Sharing on social media channels should be a necessity of any marketer’s plan, utilising your official business account as well as your personal profiles to increase the reach.

Optimising Your Images’ Alt Text

All the content that you post should include multi-media elements, photos and videos help break up the text and the visual aspect is more appealing to customers.

Though minor, changing the alt text to something more accurate and descriptive is easy, will help better the user experience, and help search engines identify and rank your image appropriately.


SEO is a strategy that is always evolving and ever-changing, staying on top of it requires great dedication and patience.

It would be unrealistic to believe that your site would catapult to the top of Google overnight, you will need to follow these techniques in every post to begin to get an idea of what is working for you and shape your SEO strategy accordingly.