Is your website mobile friendly?

So here’s the million dollar question, is your website mobile friendly?

Having a website is a useful tool that helps connect your business with customers across the globe, giving you an online platform for your services for all to see. But did you know that 85% of people in the UK look for information about local businesses or services from their Smartphones? (ref ‘The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users’) 8 million people access the internet from their mobiles every day (ref Comscore)  and 11 million consumers in the UK search for local services using their phones?

Owning a mobile optimised site is your opportunity for offering ultimate convenience for your customers, where a sale can literally be made at a click of a button, anywhere in the world at any time of day.

But with the vast majority of the UK population browsing the internet on mobile devices, it’s important that your site is designed with customer’s convenience in mind, where they literally scroll and tap to the information that they need, no struggle and minimum loading time. A staggering 6 out of 10 people will click off a mobile – unfriendly site, and 40% will abandon the webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds for a page to load. (ref

So, what are the main features you’ll need for your mobile website?

  • Easy access to your contact information

  • Maps

  • Optimised content

  • Speed and loading time

  • Social media links

All websites that we design and create here at go through stringent tests to ensure that your sites are mobile friendly – we help business’ maximise their potential in an ever expanding digital world. The next step for your business into the online world isn’t as hard as you might think and could open the door to new sales, new services and new customers.