Joel’s week at

Joel said “During my time at I have experienced some challenges, learnt lots of key skills and created a good understanding for each particular role inside, including HR, sales, the design of the websites, social media, customer support and marketing. I have witnessed a variety of expertise, proficiency and overall intelligence in all the employee’s and their individual departments, during my work experience.

In the course of my stay I visited all departments and I was assigned to certain employee’s to follow them and understand their job and how they participate to the company. They all educated me and gave me a further understanding as to how the company operates in order to be successful. I also completed some tasks such a writing a blog, pulling reports and doing research.

I strongly believe that work experience at is a good idea because you will certainly gain lots of skills, such as IT skills, social skills, creative and designing skills, and learning an understanding of each role/job available at”


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