Keys to building your brand recognition

Every business wants to be the name that springs to mind when their product or service is required. This immediate instinct will mean customers contact you directly, without even thinking about your competitors. The question is, how do you turn your company into the first thought of potential customers?

Represent Your Business in a Single Image

Imagery plays a large part in brand recognition, and having a unique and eye-catching logo representing your company pays dividends. Just think how many people see the McDonald’s ‘M’ on the horizon and instinctively feel hungry. The food itself is never shown, but that golden logo has an innate effect.

When creating your logo, make sure it cannot be confused with that of a competitor, or indeed any other recognisable brand. Your unique design can be created through complementary colours or attractive typography, but it is crucial to keep it simple.

Infiltrate the Mind with a Catchy Slogan

The key to a great slogan is to be succinct but memorable. How many slogans can you think of that contain more than six words? Many companies make the mistake of trying to go into detail about what they offer, but in most cases, that isn’t important.

If your business has a unique selling point that can be expressed in just a few words, then that’s a great place to start. If not, take into account your target market, and think about what they want to hear. Are they looking for a quality product that will not fail them, or a reliable and experienced hand to resolve their problem? Fulfilling their needs with your slogan will help you to remain at the forefront of their mind.

The Start of Something Special

There is no sure-fire way to build brand recognition, and a generic solution simply does not exist. However, writing a memorable slogan and creating an eye-catching logo are two great places to start.

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