Sell to People Who Already See It Your Way

Target Your Natural Customers

The product or service you offer is innately designed for a particular kind of person. There’s no use spending hundreds of words attempting to convince anyone else. Instead, you should refocus your efforts. Show the people who already love the kind of service you offer why they should love your service.

Example: A Coffee Shop

There are people out there who will never set foot inside a coffee shop. Maybe they hate coffee, or simply prefer to enjoy their cup at home. If you operate a coffee shop, those people are not your target market. Don’t spend time trying to convince them to turn up — it’s not going to happen.

Instead, focus your efforts on reaching out to the coffee aficionados. Target the people who know café au lait from caffé latte. Advertising to prospects who are already sold on coffee eliminates the hurdle of interesting them in the product. They already want to visit a coffee shop — you just need to interest them in your coffee shop.

Avoid the Uphill Struggle

Targeting customers with affinity for your product solves many problems. That’s because your audience already “gets” it. That means you’re free to concentrate on giving customers a reason to pick your product over anything else.

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