Should You Own .com and For Your Online Store?

Choosing a domain name is one of the most important tasks you need to complete when creating a new online business. This domain name you choose will represent your business online, become integrated within your branding, and even contribute to the searchability of your website on search engines and directly.

Once you’ve chosen the bit after “www. (usually your business name), it’s time to choose an appropriate suffix (the bit at the end).

So, what are your options? When looking at domain names, you can choose a variety of different suffixes, including:

  • “.com”
  • “”
  • “.net”
  • “.org”
  • “.dog”

The list is almost endless, but the most common are usually “.com” and “”, but which one is right for your business, and should you own them both if you want to succeed?

When you think of “.com”, you typically assume that they must be based in the US. While this is a fair assumption, a “.com” domain name is typically aimed at international online stores rather than just companies or commercial organisations based in the US. As you would expect, the “” suggests a UK-based operation.

Many large businesses often purchase both domains so that they can prevent potential copycat companies using their brand to damage their reputation. Also, this allows easy access for people around the world to put in either domain and still be directed to the correct company whether they use “” or “.com”

Reasons to choose “”

  • Perfect If Your Business Is Targeting a UK Customer Base
  • Ideal for Tradespeople, Estate Agents, and Online Stores Based in the UK
  • Good for International Companies That Sell in the UK

Reasons to choose “.Com”

  • Good for When Your Business is Targeting International Customers
  • Perfect for Manufacturing Companies That Ship to the UK
  • Ideal for Companies Based in the UK That Sell Internationally

Reasons to choose both.

  • Secure Brand Identity
  • Full Control over Business Domain
  • Companies Shipping Internationally

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