Ways to Fight the Decline of Organic Reach on Social Media

Going Live

Live video is quickly becoming the most popular feature across the platforms, allowing brands to garner a large amount of interaction as well as subsequent reach benefits.

Live video allows you to be creative with the content you produce, whether it’d be a product demo or a Q&A, it’s a great way to represent your brand and can also be reused to create even more content.

Unique Content for Each Platform

Each platform has its own tools to entertain and engage their users, that’s why it’s important the content you produce is unique on each platform.

Utilising tools such as stickers on Instagram or Twitter moments, these will help create more engagement on each network, breaking up the typical content cycle to give followers an extra incentive to follow your brand on numerous platforms.

Influencer Marketing

The modern-day ‘celebrity’ belongs on social media, holding great influence over audiences and a collaboration done right could be truly beneficial for your brand.

Research is key to make sure that you choose an influencer that is aligned with your target consumer, and with time, the right influencer marketing campaign will open you to traffic, eyes, and reach on social media.


The ‘story’ format is proving a successful way to bypass the regular feed algorithm, with optimisation such as hashtags, locations, and username mentions making you more likely to be found.

Verified accounts on Instagram have the added benefit of the ‘swipe up’ feature on their stories, allowing you to direct your audience to a landing page or piece of content of your choice.

User-Generated Content

Embracing the social side of social media is a great way to not only increase your organic reach, but help build trust around your brand.

Curated content from your audience is not only cost-efficient, but it allows you to show you have real value to offer your audience by curating to their needs as well as establishing you as a thought leader in your industry.


Each platform has its own unique algorithm which helps decide how they will distribute content to users, based on the three basic principles of receny, relevancy, and engagement.

Learning the inner workings of each algorithm is highly important, combining that with the fundamental principles, will help you create content that plays into each of the element of the algorithm to your benefit.

Test New Platforms

Beyond the major social media players, there are many up and coming platforms that are garnering the attention of audiences, but as of yet, remain relatively untouched by brands.

These platforms host a great opportunity for brands to have an advantage and make connections before they become crowded.