What is Web.com’s Smart PPC Concept?


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What is Smart PPC?

Smart PPC is a concept Web.com invented to offer our customers something different to our competitors in regards to Pay Per Click advertising. We are proud to harness the combination and power of artificial intelligence (AI) and human creativity. Smart PPC is about making changes that are data-driven and knowing exactly what delivers results.

What makes up the Smart PPC Concept?

There are three main pieces that make up our Smart PPC strategy:

Smart Match

Choosing the right keywords and ad copy for paid search

We employ professional, degree-educated copywriters to write the creative element of your Pay Per Click campaign, the ad copy. Our expert team writes compelling marketing content to ensure the right advert matches the right person and sends them to the right landing page. Our consistent message matching ensures copy is of interest to those looking for the product, not those doing research. Additionally, we understand the profitability of paid search campaigns is often dictated by what you avoid spending money on rather than what you spend money on.

Fast Start

Built up proven taxonomies across 3.4 million customers

Web.com have the experience to get your campaign off the ground faster. We have proven and refined taxonomies matched to your industry, meaning we already know your bid levels. The learning gap is shorter and 90% of the structure of your campaign is already there from day one. Our experience in hundreds of vertical and niche industries has provided us with data such as; ad spend in your industry, CPC, number of customers and number of eCommerce transactions etc. which can all be applied to your strategy. Our scale and data capability is what will get your campaign built faster and gives us the competitive edge over others.

Sales Accelerator

Our secret is trained people, analytics and data capability

Through constant analytics and optimisation to your bid management, our experts update your campaigns and review your keywords to ensure your advertising performance is always improving. We make around 50 campaign changes per month to continually optimise spend and performance. Our employees pride themselves on being trained in Google Analytics and Web.com as a company are a Google Premier SME Partner. Working on a global scale with a local expertise makes us stand out from the rest.

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If Pay Per Click advertising is something you believe your business would benefit from, check out more information here.