You’ve Bought a Website from, but What Happens Next?

From affable consultants through to skilled designers, each team is jam-packed with knowledgeable, experienced people whose aim it is to produce a website that you can be proud of. So, to that end, we’ve produced a step-by-step guide on the development of your website, from consultation right through to completion.

Your Initial Conversation

First of all, you’ll discuss your new website with our friendly and helpful web consultants. They’ll talk you through what we need to make a start on your site, including discussing your ideal customers, the services you offer, and your design preferences.

You see, no one knows your business quite like you, which is why we need all the information we can, so that we can represent your business in the right way for you. Don’t worry if you haven’t thought about these details yet, though. Our consultants know what they are doing, and they can guide you through the entire process and provide professional assistance along the way.

Creating Content

Next, our copywriters will get to work on the content side of your site. This begins with some in-depth research into the types of search terms that your customers are using to find similar products and services to those that you offer. This means that we can create focused and themed pages that will rank higher in search engines and increase the likelihood of converting your visitors into potential customers.

Once this side of the search engine optimisation has been taken care of, our copywriters will start drafting the content for the website itself. This is created using the information our consultants have gleaned from you during your initial discussion, so that we get it absolutely right. Our benefit-driven content ensures that visitors to your site will see exactly why they should utilise your services. This type of marketing content not only draws your potential clients in, but ticks all of the figurative boxes that search engines require.

Design Specialists

After that, your website really starts coming together. Our highly experienced team of designers are given the content that our copywriters have created, so that they can get started on creating a functional, visually attractive site for your business. Using their knowledge and skills, they’ll design a site that perfectly suits your business, combining complementary colour pallets with unique layouts and designs.

Of course, many of your potential customers are using their mobile devices to search for the service they’re looking for, which is why we think it’s essential to create a mobile-friendly design. Our responsive designs ensure that your site is optimised for mobile while retaining best practice SEO.

Quality Control

The website we produce is an extension of your business and needs to represent your brand. Our quality control team have developed a meticulous process for ensuring that your brand is represented consistently throughout your site. This guarantees that your business’s message is universal across your site and of the highest possible standard.

The Finished Product

Once each of our teams has provided their expert input into your new website, our web consultants will get back in touch with you to talk you through the finished product. We’ll go through the design of the site, the features, and the built-in reporting tools, helping you to understand how to make the most of your new site.

Ongoing Support

After you have been given full access to our performance tools, you’ll be able to go in and keep an eye on the analytics side of your website. This area will give you detailed information on the users visiting your site, how much time they are spending on there, and how they got there. Plus, we’ll provide you with all the tools you need to update and manage your website in the future. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our modifications team and we’ll make all of the changes for you.

You’re All Set

That’s it! You have a brand new responsive website that’s built specifically with your preferences and target market in mind. It’ll advertise your services, your business, and your brand, and show your customers exactly why they should choose you over any of your competitors.

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