Is Your Website Performing?

It has to make a great first impression

As your website is normally the first interaction that a potential customer has with your company, you need to ensure that it makes a great first impression. It has to be easy to use and navigate, as well as visually appealing, and with more people now searching on mobile, your website must be responsive.

Keep your content fresh

By regularly updating the content on your website, it not only keeps visitors coming back to see new information, it is showing that your website is constantly changing. Google and other search engines look at how often your content is updated when ranking websites in search engine results. Keeping your website updated with fresh content, will mean better ratings when potential customers search for products and services like yours.

Post relevant and timely content

Good content is key but make sure that it is also posted at the correct time for your industry. Posting about industry news, or current and topical news, will help, especially with your own views around the topic, because they get high search volume and Google favours timely and relevant posts. Plus, posting about relevant and current news will show that you have your finger on the pulse, increasing levels of customer engagement.

Communicate your values

Your website needs to reflect your business, values and sector, to ensure that the information is relevant for what your audience are looking for. Sometimes a website can be a bit plain in design but demonstrate a real understanding of users of the website and their needs, therefore be an extremely successful website. The design is important but you need to keep your clients genuinely interested to ensure they stay on your page and engage with you.

The be all and end all… you have to be found!!

Sure, having a great looking website with strong content is bound to attract customers …so long as they find it!

75% of Google users won’t go past the first page*, so if you aren’t on the first page you won’t be getting much traffic to your website. It’s a great idea to invest some time in building your SEO via keywords, reducing page load time and through link building. This should help to raise your profile and help to make you more visible online.

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