Dom’s Eggnog Recipe

Dom, our IT Manager, has pulled together this gorgeous eggnog recipe to get you in the Christmas Spirit. So why not make it and share some pictures of you and your friends trying it this Christmas.

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Make the Most of Micro-Moments

Meeting with laptops and tablets

While everyone seems to constantly be on their phones, recent research seems to suggest that we’re actually using them less. We now use our phones, tablets, and Internet-enabled devices to access information in a specific way, rather than spending hours scrolling through general, monotonous content. These intent-driven searches are known as micro-moments. These searches are typically fuelled by questions we don’t have the answer to, and we believe that your business could benefit from these moments. If people are asking how to file their taxes properly, and you’re an accountant, you have a chance to market yourself effectively in their SERPs.

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Take Your Product Descriptions to the Next Level

Laptop and mobile

Writing high-quality product descriptions may seem hard, but with the right guidance and knowledge, you can be marketing like a pro in no time! Our tips and tricks are all tried-and-tested methods, and this is your guarantee that they really work. By combining SEO-friendly content, lifestyle marketing, and a knack for removing buyer’s guilt, you’re able to become the product-describing, high-flying maestro or maestra you’ve always wanted to be. Throughout this blog, we’ll explore some of the best techniques you can use to transform your product descriptions. Let’s dive in!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Content Curation

man working on a laptop

You won’t get far browsing the internet without finding some kind of curated content. Across the web, consumers are finding and sharing other creators’ content in new ways, but why Is content curation so important when it comes to marketing your business?

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How to Create Evergreen Content

woman working on a laptop

A lot of us tend to create time-sensitive content in order to capitalise on whatever is topical or current at the time. In order to balance your content marketing strategy, it’s wise to incorporate more evergreen content into your schedule. Evergreen trees keep their leaves all year round and, as the name suggests, evergreen content is the stuff that gains traffic, links, and social media shares long after you first publish it.

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Why You Need an Inbound Marketing Strategy

man on a laptop

Think about how your customers find you online. As users have become savvier about browsing, inbound marketing has become considerably more effective than outbound, or “traditional” marketing. It’s not very hard to see why outbound marketing has become less effective with online shoppers. With so many opportunities to engage online, there’s an ongoing paradox whereby traditional B2C marketing techniques feel more outmoded by their modernisation. Simply put, outbound marketing feels like a one-way conversation, in a digital age where your potential customers are looking for a more valuable experience.

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Six Punctuation Marks You’ve Never Heard of

person writing content

Even if they sometimes get missed, everyone knows about standard punctuation and where it should go in a sentence. From full stops and commas to apostrophes and ellipses, the breadth of punctuation we use is huge. However, we’ve unearthed some punctuation marks so niche that you probably didn’t know they even existed! As well as expanding your punctuation arsenal, we think that this list could be the key to clearer content in the future, so take a look now!

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