What Is Metadata and Why Does Your Site Need It?


Believe it or not, the key to great web design and copywriting isn’t only what you can see on the screen. While functionality and aesthetics are crucial to a good website, your content needs to be put in context for customers to find you. That’s where metadata comes in. To put it simply, metadata is…

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Why You Need to Audit Your Content

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Part of a great content strategy is evaluating what you already have, rather than just charging forward onto the next thing. If you’re putting all this effort into building a repository of content, it’s important to explore and understand how that content is performing for you.

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Six Punctuation Marks You’ve Never Heard of

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Even if they sometimes get missed, everyone knows about standard punctuation and where it should go in a sentence. From full stops and commas to apostrophes and ellipses, the breadth of punctuation we use is huge. However, we’ve unearthed some punctuation marks so niche that you probably didn’t know they even existed! As well as expanding your punctuation arsenal, we think that this list could be the key to clearer content in the future, so take a look now!

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17 Common Content Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

More and more businesses are learning the value having a great content marketing strategy to their brand. From blogs to social media posts, creating content is an ideal way to show your knowledge and authority within your industry. In turn, this will generate trust and generate leads and conversions.

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