A Beginner’s Guide to Content Curation

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You won’t get far browsing the internet without finding some kind of curated content. Across the web, consumers are finding and sharing other creators’ content in new ways, but why Is content curation so important when it comes to marketing your business?

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Tips for driving traffic to your corporate website

Ask a marketer or business owner what they’d like most in the world, and they’ll probably tell you “more customers.” What often comes after customers on a businesses wish list? More traffic to their website. There are many ways you can increase traffic on your website, here are a few:

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Why You Need an Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Think about how your customers find you online. As users have become savvier about browsing, inbound marketing has become considerably more effective than outbound, or “traditional” marketing. It’s not very hard to see why outbound marketing has become less effective with online shoppers. With so many opportunities to engage online, there’s an ongoing paradox whereby traditional B2C marketing techniques feel more outmoded by their modernisation. Simply put, outbound marketing feels like a one-way conversation, in a digital age where your potential customers are looking for a more valuable experience.

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How to Give Instagram a Creative Boost


Instagram has evolved into much more than just a photo sharing platform. Boasting 500 million worldwide active users per day, the app is a marketing opportunity that can no longer be ignored by businesses.

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Social Media 101: Building a Social Media Ecosystem

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Businesses and brands love social media. In fact, a recent Pew study indicated that nearly 90% of marketers use social media for business. At the same time, many new small businesses are born every day. And trying to figure out where to begin with your social media marketing efforts these days can be quite overwhelming for many new business owners. No effort should begin without formulating a plan, taking into consideration your target markets and what you wish to accomplish (i.e. build awareness, foster loyalty, gather intelligence, drive traffic to your physical business or website, etc.). Based upon this, you can begin assembling your social media strategy. It is best to try focusing on one or two social networks initially, branching out as you become more comfortable with social media marketing.

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Sell to People Who Already See It Your Way

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When marketing your product or service, it’s tempting to opt for the hard sell. By assuming your customer has no affinity for your product, you’re likely to form a more effective argument in support of it. Plus, you’ll show those unfamiliar with your product what it’s all about. Right? Wrong. In marketing, it’s best to accept that someone who isn’t interested in your product never will be. If that sounds like admitting defeat, think again. Your goal isn’t to convince consumers who usually overlook or dislike your products. Your mission is to align your marketing copy for consumers who already like what you have to offer.

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