The Impact of Colour in Web Design


Colour Psychology. The colours that are used on a website are totally dependent on what colours you are wanting to help brand your company. It is important to note that colours can affect people both consciously and unconsciously, in terms of how the colours make the person feel about the website. For reference, the image below shows a colour chart with the perceived feelings that come from certain colours:

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7 common eCommerce website design mistakes you might be making

Have sales for your eCommerce website slowed down? Or did they never take off in the first place? The problem might be with your eCommerce website design. Many small business owners make some common eCommerce website design mistakes that can keep prospective customers from buying. Here are seven to watch out for.

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Why Should You Invest in a Professional Website?

Man in workshop on a tablet

We’ve all seen the adverts on YouTube and Facebook for building your website. They all say “it’s simple to get online with *company name*” or “design your ideal website today”, sometimes backed up by people that have done the same. While the idea of building your website from the ground up may be fanciful, you’re unlikely to garner the same results as someone that invests in professional services. Throughout this blog, we’ll discuss why investment in a professional website can improve your business image online, help your appearance in SERPs, and give you more time to do what you do best; run your business.

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