Increase your business’ visibility online with PPC

Stand out online with effective and professional marketing. PPC campaigns are a great way for you to jump above your competition on search engines. It’ll help you to be found in the most prominent places, and the potential return of investment knows no limits. More than 400m searches happen within the UK every day – take advantage of this and get your business recognised.

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Brand name bidding

When I was living in Amsterdam, I would often frequent a cocktail bar near my house. Lovely little place, amazing cocktails, great atmosphere and amazing staff. The purpose of the bar was that it was meant to portray a Prohibition Bar. So that meant no windows, no visible door to get in, no signs, no brand, no nothing. There was literally no way of finding this place if you didn’t know about it. The novelty of being inside this bar was mesmerising, there was nothing like it. I think on my first visit I asked someone why they didn’t have a sign or shop front and they said, and I quote; “they didn’t want to be found”. I was gobsmacked at this, what kind of business doesn’t want to be found I thought to myself.

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The 5 online marketing acronyms you need to know

Starting online advertising or marketing as a small business can be extremely confusing and disheartening with all the online marketing acronyms. From CPC to ROAS, marketing acronyms are everywhere. You know that being online is a great way to reach new customers but how do you cut through all the clutter and confusion?

Well below we have set out what we believe are the five online marketing acronyms you need to know – and why they matter.

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