Grow Your Business through eCommerce

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For small businesses creating an online store is a fantastic opportunity that will help to grow your company even though you may be limited on time, budget or staff. But with a little bit of know how you can create your very own empire – boost your revenue and generate an exciting opportunity for you and your business! Launching an online shop for your business can pose many questions and you may feel you need a helping hand to ensure that you setting off on the right foot into the world of eCommerce. So first questions first….

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Is Your Website Performing?

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Everyone knows that your website is like your online shop window. It is the first place potential clients see you, and can make a snap decision if they like you and whether they want to purchase products or services from you.

However, what you may not realise is that it is much more than your shop window or sales brochure. It is the front of your digital marketing strategy and helps to drive leads, as well as customer conversion and retention, into your business, so we need to ensure that it is performing to the best of its ability.

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Is Above the Fold Important Anymore?

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Above the fold comes from the world of print. Newspapers, due to them being printed on large sheets of paper, were folded once they were delivered to new-stands. This meant that only the top half of the page would be visible to someone at first glance. To make it so that more people purchased the newspaper more attention-grabbing headlines were added to the top half. Obviously, websites don’t have a physical fold, the fold is considered anything that is visible immediately and doesn’t require scrolling to view. It is almost impossible to define a single point for a fold placement on a website. This is down to the location of the fold differing as visitors to the site will be accessing the website with devices that can have a vast number of combinations of screen size, resolutions and browser types.

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